Fall Down the Rabbit Hole with Johanna Goodman’s Collage Art

New York-based Artist, Johanna Goodman mixes illustration, design, photography, and architecture together to create awe-inducing collages that are full of zest.

The New York-based artist has a rich artistic background having studied at Boston University’s School of Fine Art (Boston) and Parsons School of Design (NYC) where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration.

With clients that include top tier publications like Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Le Monde, her work has garnered awards from The Society of Publication Design, American Illustration, and Communication Arts. 

Talking about her transitioning from illustration to collage art, she told Metal Magazine: “I was studying and got my degree in Illustration so the transition from school to the world of freelance illustration was somewhat seamless. At least I can say that now, because it was such a long time ago that I’ve forgotten all the trials and tribulations.”

“I spent many years painting and drawing and occasionally collaging but I must say I didn’t throw myself into collage until a few years ago, well into my two decades of being a working artist,” she stated. “So no, I didn’t do much collage of any kind while in school. It is still relatively young and new in my oeuvre.”

“I take inspiration from whatever I can,” added Goodman, stating that amongst the many things that inspire her are art in museums, people on the street, the actual street itself, stuff in thrift shops, plant life outside her and: “really whatever I see around me, I don’t discriminate.”

Peek into her cabinet of curiosities.