Enjoy These Beautiful Street Doodles Made By Artist CAL in Lyon, France

Caroline Morin discovered her love for art in her earliest years. However, it was only recently that she started putting her dreams into practice.

In 2016, she started sharing her marvelous talent with the world, bringing humor to the streets with the power of her art. Using street items such as grids, pebbles, cracks on the wall, and much more, Lyon is becoming more vivid and colorful thanks to her.

The France-based Morin said in a statement for Instagram that she thinks she might suffer from pareidolia: a psychological phenomenon where a specific, often meaningful image is perceived in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.

“I love having fun, playing, and seeing life on the bright side,” Morin shared. However, she also expressed her misfortune that people are always in a hurry and can’t enjoy the things that are around them. “People are generally rushing all the time. I love to take my time and look deeply at everything. I observe a lot and notice small details. My brain is always on.”

If you live in Lyon, you can see her artworks in real-time, but if you are coming from the other side of the planet, you can check her creations in the gallery below.