Dad and His 5-Year-Old Daughter Recreate Scenes From Famous Movies

Tot For Tot Remakes is an Instagram account that now has over 17,000 followers and is run by Alex Zane. Together with his 5-year-old daughter Matilda, they recreate iconic scenes from famous movies and TV series.

According to Zane, the idea was born back in April when he was brainstorming about creative things he and his little one could do during the lockdown. It all started when Matilda climbed atop an old plastic car and started surfing on it.

“I just happened to ignore all parental instincts of concern and instead recalled the iconic scene in Teen Wolf where Mike J. Fox surfs on top of Stiles’ van,” the dad confessed on Bored Panda.

They have already done over 70 recreations, and despite being only 5 years old, Matilda has done a great job posing for each scene, and we have to give a huge applaud to her dad as well, whose Photoshops skills are amazing.

To see their project, check out the gallery below. What a great idea to entertain your little one, right?