Adam Hillman Uses Everyday Objects to Recreate Famous Paintings

Adam Hillman likes arranging things by colors, patterns, and shapes. He’s also known as Wintery on Instagram, where he has gained a following of 485,000 admirers. Instead of creating traditional paintings and sculptures, the artist decided to use materials that reflect the time he lives in.

In one of his projects, he made a series of artwork inspired by famous paintings. However, instead of using paints and brushes, he worked with everyday objects.

Some of his best works are Van Gogh’s Starry Night made of staples, Grant Wood’s American Gothic done with toothpicks, Self-Portrait by Vincent van Gogh made with cereal, Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa made with Tic Tacs, The Kiss by Klimt using candy, and other remarkable recreations.

Besides recreating portraits, Hillman makes other art as well. Like, for example, colorful objects using only fruits and vegetables, or collages done with office supplies, etc.

If you are interested to see his creativity, check out the gallery below, or have a look at his Instagram profile for more amazing images.