Cosplayer Makes a Social Distancing Dress

Shay is a gifted artist who has been into cosplay for years now. Better known as Crescent Shay on social media, she describes herself as a “huge book and anime nerd”, who has been crafting her entire life. She currently has almost 500,000 followers on Instagram, where people from all around the globe enjoy her creativity.

Her latest project is a big pink dress made from over 300 yards of tulle and took two months to be done. It was named The Social Distancing Dress.

“This dress definitely isn’t perfect (yes, I know you can see the wheels) but, it is done, and I am really, really proud of it,” the artist shared on her Instagram and added that she will be posting a video to show how the dress was created.

Another project that caught our attention is the DIY Disney Shoes, which took her over three weeks to make. Her main inspiration was The Beauty and the Beast Disney movie.

If you want to see her beautiful handmade princess gowns and shoes, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to follow her Instagram for more.