Check Out These Beauty Transformations by Yevgeny Zhuk

Having a good hair day can bring a smile to anyone’ss face. And with his talent, one Belarusian hairstylist and makeup artist pleases dozens of men and women each day. His name is Yevgeny Zhuk.

He entered the beauty industry very young when he was only 18 years old. He began working in his hometown as a hairstylist. However, soon, he realized that he wants to pursue his career. Zhuk sold his car and mowed it to Moscow. Now he is a 35-year-old man who owns a salon and is a famous TV star, best known for his before-and-after transformations.

In his hands, a pair of scissors and other hairdresser tools do magic. Going shorter or bleaching your hair can make your appearance different and being Zhuk’s customer does wonders for your confidence.

He currently has over 218,000 followers and the numbers are increasing every day. The same goes with his transformations; likes are inevitable. If you want to see some of his works, check out the gallery below.