Check Out These Adorable 3D Images Created By Artist Melissa Mathieson

Inspired by graphic novels, visuals from movies, nature, and architecture, artist Melissa Mathieson creates 3D creatures, wondering characters, and lush forests by using bright, vibrant colors.

The California-born, Montreal-based freelance illustrator describes her images as “childlike” and adds that she is an artist who doesn’t have a favorite medium. For example, last year she was very into watercolor, but lately 3D modeling has been her thing.

“3D illustration is something that I have deeply invested in for the past five months, and I grow more in love with it every day,” she said in an interview for Ballpit. “I love seeing my 2D illustrations take new forms in a 3D world. I think it is much easier to create immersive atmospheres in 3D.”

Perhaps what makes her journey so unique is that she seems to have no problem jumping from one style of art to another. As opposed to sticking with one thing, Mathieson keeps her fans on their toes—and they love it!

If you’re interesting in being one of those fans, her Instagram is where she shares all her arts. She is also currently accepting commissions and is open to collaborations. Scroll down and see our favorites!