Eleni Debo Illustrates Modern Life Through Metaphors

Belgian artist Eleni Debo uses a subdued color palette to illustrate the modern world through clever metaphors. The meaning behind each of her illustrations is usually pretty clear and can be understood by everyone, especially because we’re all living similar lives today.

Debo’s focus is often on nature and the outdoors. She paints a picture of how we’re often trapped inside in front of the screens while real life is waiting for us outside. There are other motifs she uses that carry a similar message.

“When I’m not in my atelier, you can find me swapping my shoes for a pair of sturdy boots, either contemplating this year’s garden experiments, or hiking in the mountains while stuffing my pockets with all kinds of wild edibles,” she writes on her website.

The artist’s work has been featured in many books, editorials, and international campaigns. You can check out more of it on her Instagram page and scroll down to see our favorite picks.