Spanish Artist’s Large Murals Celebrate Everyday Objects

Street artist Manolo Mesa decorates Spanish buildings with his big murals that celebrate ordinary domestic objects.

For his recent project on Oviedo, the artist researched the history of the local abandoned pottery factory. The organizers of Parees Fest collected domestic items from the locals and the collection inspired Mesa for his murals.

“I was able to see all the evolution of this earthenware in the houses of Oviedo. I found postwar pieces, which were inherited and preserved with great affection by collectors. We saw (the) tableware of a lifetime from the middle of the century,” the artist writes on Instagram. 

This talented artist’s other works include metaphors of life. He often paints his views on solitude and the absurdity of existence. Many of his works talk about the relationship between humans and nature and how there’s less and less nature in the cities. His murals can be seen all over the world, not just in Spain, but since traveling is challenging right now, we recommend you to check out his Instagram page first. Follow him for more similar art!