Dad Raises Funds for Homeless with His Hilarious Pet Portraits

An English dad who uses the name Hercule Van Wolfwinkle online creates these hilarious, intentionally bad pet portraits. He sells them in an attempt to raise funds for housing the homeless. 

The idea for the portraits came to him one day after he drew a quick picture of their family dog as a way to inspire his son to make a thank you card. After he put it up for sale as a joke, he was surprised by the number of offers. Naturally, he had to draw more similar portraits and that’s how it all started. 

If you want one of his portraits to decorate your home, the price is not small. It costs £299 (around $385) to buy one, but the money actually goes to charity, not the artist. Turning Tides is a local charity the artist supports. It fights for everyone’s right to have a home, regardless of the challenges they may face at some point in their lives.

If you’re up to do something good today, send him a photo of your pet and you will get a unique portrait in return to always remind you of your good deed.