Devyn Ormsby’s Glass Fruit Are the Opposite of Tacky

Never, in a million years would we have thought that fake fruit (the kind presented in tacky bowls, in equally tacky kitchens), could be made into chic, coveted sculptures. But then came Devyn Ormsby’s glass fruit sculptures and knocked us off our feet.

Her fruit series (complete with a fruit sticker logo that reads “Devon Made”), explores the familiar ornament, reimagining it in new forms. These forms include a translucent banana, pear, mandarin, and lemon, colored in a light wash of pink, blue, yellow, and lime.

Ormsby’s playful approach to everyday fruit is contrasted with the heaviness of the crystal glass, that catches and reflects light. Staying true to the traditional form of fake fruit, but adding to it glass casting techniques, Ormsby’s creations pay homage to the blown glass fruit makers and collectors from the 1960’s.

In an interview with MOLD, Ormsby relayed the process behind her artful, if ironic, creations, explaining she begins “by making a silicone mold of the original object, from which [she] can make wax replicas. The next step is to fettle (trim and clean) the wax, filling holes and removing any seams… Once that is done, [she] begins building a contour mold around the wax. This is made up of many layers of a plastic/silica mix built around the shape of the fruit.”

Great job, Ormsby, now we want them all.

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