In Edinburgh, You Can Go On a Walking Tour with a Puppy Guide

Walking tours are a pretty great way to explore a new city, especially if your guide is truly exceptional and knows the city like the palm of their hand. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Edinburgh if you decide to join a walking tour guided by a Golden Retriever named Sawyer.

The Scottish capital is home to many breathtaking sights and beautiful castles, and Harry Potter fans will enjoy every second of it because it was once home to the author J.K. Rowling. If you wouldn’t mind exploring them with a dog by your side, Wee Walking Tours are just the thing for you.

The company offers one of the most unique sightseeing adventures in Edinburgh because Sawyer will be by your side while you explore the colorful history of this city. His owner, Sami is in charge of providing you with all the information you need about their home town.

Sawyer can’t actually tell you anything about the Scottish capital, obviously, and he’s simply there to help visitors make magical memories in this city. He doesn’t join every walking tour, because his participation depends on his mood and weather conditions, so keep this in mind if you’re trying to enjoy some time with this Golden Retriever while in Edinburgh.