Check Out What Happens When You Photoshop a Cat Face on Other Animals

The internet is full of cat photos, cat memes, and cat art, but we still canโ€™t get enough of cat-related stuff. If you feel the same, then you’ll enjoy the types of content posted on the Instagram page @koty_vezde.

Managed by digital creator Galina, @koty_vezde features images of animals with cat faces. Sound like it’s not a big deal? Maybe. But it is strangely captivating, and once you start looking at them, you won’t be able to stop.

According to Galina, she started this unique project while experimenting with Photoshop. She likes cats and wanted to create something fun with them as main stars.

โ€œEspecially chubby and angry cats. They are divine creatures: cute, soft, murmuring,โ€œ she shared with Bored Panda. โ€œWe always had cats in our family.โ€œ

Galina was so amused by the results that she started sharing her creations on Instagram. It turned out other social media users loved it as well and what started as a fun idea turned into a popular project. 

@koty_vezde now has 217K followers, with Galina extending her cat-face treatment interventions to pop culture characters and objects as well. However, we still like the original cat-faced animals the best. Continue scrolling to see our favorites.