Check out These Hilarious Single-Joke Comics By a NY Times Bestselling Author

If you enjoy webcomics and having a good laugh, then you should check out the works of Maria Scrivan. This talented cartoonist and NY Times bestselling author is a creator of Half Full comics, which cover various subjects in a single-joke format.

Many of you will also find some of the Half Full comics to be familiar. This is because you’ve probably seen a couple before. The laugh-out-loud series has been featured in various publications before and can be found in daily newspapers across the country as a result of syndication.

Half Full comics have been a huge success. They spent the past eight years in syndication and reached more than 2900 entries. The series might end up seeing at least that much more since  Scrivan isn’t afraid she will run out of joke ideas.

“I think the world is in a really funny place right now with our obsession with technology, fascination with celebrities, and the endless stream of over-the-top reality TV Shows,” she explained in a chat with Lidea Magazine. “The good news is there is an endless source of the material.”

Besides her work on Half Full, Scrivan is also known as the author of Nat Enough series of graphic novels. Four books, which have been translated into eight languages, have been published to date, with the fifth one being in the works.

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