This Intriguing Street Art Interacts with Urban Environment

Some street artists will paint on the first plain wall they see. But British artist Jamie Paul Scanlon, better known as JPS, likes to take a different approach. He puts much thought into the location as it usually serves as an integral part of his artworks.

JPS manages to bring together the art and the urban environment that serves as his canvas. As a result, his works always look perfectly placed, and the viewer can immediately figure out why the particular location was picked out. Often, the art itself interacts with objects and buildings that surround it.

“The settings in which I paint my work are very important to me. Everything has a place in my eyes,” JPS shared in a recent interview.

JPS became a well-respected name in the street art world thanks to his original style. His works are diverse and cover many subjects, from pop culture to horror scenes. Occasionally, he also engages in a satirical commentary of the current events, which could be interpreted as a nod to the world’s most famous street artist Banksy. Both artists are from Bristol, and Banksy was actually the reason why JPS even started making street art. Still, this is where their connection ends.

“I do consider my work very different his as I draw my ideas and inspirations from either things I love or sometimes even bad memories from my past,” JPS explains.

Most of JPS’s street art can be found in his hometown of Bristol, but over the years, he also created all over the world, including the United States, Norway, and Germany. Check out more of his works below.