Cat Gets A Hilarious Haircut and People Can’t Stop Laughing

Many pet owners take their pets for some good grooming which spruces them up, making them look even more adorable. But imagine taking your cat to a pet groomer but end up getting a different end result than you bargained for. For a moment, you stop and wonder if it’s still your same cat.

At one point in life, we have all gotten that bad haircut or hairstyle that made us want to hide our faces forever. Now imagine a cat getting a bad haircut.

Well, this happened to Oliver – an adorable cat that recently became a victim a bad haircut and went viral for it on the internet. A Twitter user, by the name Caitlin, shared a hilarious story about Oliver’s funny new look. Many people compared the cat’s haircut to an accordion. After the photos went viral, Oliver even got his own Instagram account that you can visit and check out his hilarious look.