Artist Illustrates the Differences Between Japan and Other Countries

Japan really isn’t quite like any other country in the world. For one, despite its small stature, it’s one of the biggest powerhouses, boasting a strong economy. But, that’s not all.

Japan’s culture, even among Asians, is very different. In fact, other Asians tend to feel a real culture shock after going to Japan, even though the country is still part of Asia.

Artist Evangeline Neo felt that personally after studying in Tokyo from 2010 to 2014. From how people behaved to how everything is set up, Evangeline felt the unique differences so much that she was compelled to draw a comics about it.

In doing so, she also says that she hopes to help increase awareness about the cultural differences in Japan and encourage people to adjust to the country’s culture, especially tourists and travelers who plan on visiting Japan anytime soon.

Here are some of our favorite illustrations of her: