Alabama Man Mows Veteran Lawns For Free Across All 50 States

How far would you go to honor the veterans that helped serve your country and defend it during times of war? One 29-year-old man from Alabama was willing to go to all 50 states in the United States just to do the lawns of US veterans for free and with no charge whatsoever.

Rodney Smith Jr. says that he was first inspired to do so after helping out an elderly man attempt to mow his own lawn. Since then, he’s spearheaded the “Raising Men Lawn Care Service”, a foundation dedicated to providing free lawn mowing for those who need help.

He was originally planning on doing it across the world’s seven continents. But, instead, he chose to focus on honoring the veterans of the United States. And with great results!

So far, he’s traveled to all 50 states. According to his estimates, Smith Jr. has mowed at least 2,500 lawns over the past four years. He says that doing this has helped him find his purpose, which is to serve and help others.