Artist Inserts Yzma to Every Disney Film Ever

Just like pretty much every other millennial out there, artist Audre Schutte, otherwise known as Charamath, grew up watching one Disney film after another. To say that she’s been inhaling Disney since she was a child is an understatement.

Naturally, her fondness for the studio, who gained fame for their animated films, only grew as she got older and once she became an artist herself, her appreciation for Disney films only continued growing.

However, unlike other artists, who choose to dedicate their illustrations to the heroes and heroines of Disney’s films, Charamath did something completely out of the ordinary.

Dedicating an entire series of illustrations to Yzma, the megalomaniac sorceress from 2000’s The Emperor’s New Groove, Charamath imagined what it would look like if Yzma was inserted in every Disney film (amongst other movie hits).

The result? You’ll want to see for yourself.

For more of Charamath’s work, you can check her out on Facebook or Instagram.