Butcher Billy Teams Up With Netflix to Create Retro Posters for “Black Mirror” Season 6

Brazilian artist Butcher Billy is back with more of his awesome retro posters for popular TV shows and movies. This time, he teamed up with Netflix to create posters for the sixth season of the popular sci-fi series Black Mirror

According to Billy, he received an invitation from Netflix UK to watch the new episodes of the show ahead of their release and then create a poster for each one.

“I was invited by Netflix UK to watch the new season of one of my favorite series ahead of its release and create marketing posters based on each one of the 5 episodes,” Billy explained.

Season 6 of Black Mirror was released in June and featured an ensemble cast that included Salma Hayek, Michael Cera, Aaron Paul, Josh Hartnett, and Kate Mara, among others. The new episodes were met with critical acclaim and were among the most-streamed content on the platform.

Billy has now done posters in his signature style for all 26 episodes of the series. Just like his previous Black Mirror-themed works, the new ones also became a huge hit with the series’ fans and his followers on social media. Check them out below.