Artist Crafts Superheroes and Other Pop Culture Characters Out of Soda Cans

The great thing about soda cans is that they can be recycled in all sorts of ways. They can be taken to the recycling companies to undergo the recycling process and turned into new soda cans or repurposed as pen holders, flower vases, and more.

The artist known as Minimaus Crafts has his own way of repurposing soda cans. He uses Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other soft drink cans to make miniatures of superheroes and other pop culture characters.

The figurines that Minimaus Crafts makes are impressively detailed. Take his soda can Iron Man, for example. He managed to faithfully replicate Marvel superhero’s armor and mask while even including movable limbs.

Minimaus Crafts shares his finished works on social media while also providing videos on YouTube that take the viewers behind the scenes of his process. Most videos also contain templates, allowing others to replicate his figurines.

“I created crafts for fun, to educate as well as to entertain, but later on, it became my passion and part of my life,” the artist shares in his YouTube bio.

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