British Graffiti Artist Creates Unique Typographic Murals

Murals created by talented British graffiti artist Pref can come across as a bunch of random letters and words scattered on walls at first. However, they show their true colors once you really pay attention to all their elements. 

Pref’s unique style is characterized by the use of multi-layered typography. He twists the letters, stacks them on top of each other, or hides them beneath strokes to make common words and phrases less obvious. This results in impressive street art that can be rewarding for the viewer in multiple ways.

According to Pref, the wording he uses for his murals has biographical elements while also presenting the viewer with a puzzle they need to solve.

“The wording for my pieces are usually auto-biographical. Like clues and relics from my past, or a commentary on current times,” Pref shares on his website. “What it says and what it looks like, coming together to form a cryptic crossword type puzzle for the viewer to work out.”

Pref, who also does studio and gallery pieces, has created typographic murals all over his native Britain, as well as the United States, Sweden, Australia, and Belgium. He also shares them regularly on his Instagram page. Continue scrolling to check out our favorites.