Off The Mark Comics Combine Scary and Funny

Can something be scary and funny at the same time? Artist Mark Parisi surely thinks it can.

Parisi is the author of the hugely entertaining comic “Off the Mark,” which combine horror characters and scary stories with humor in a unique way. For example, you’ll find mad cat scientists working on giving cats a 10th life or vampires doing an extension on their fangs.

A common theme in Off the Mark comics is also horror movies in a parallel universe. The artist enjoys imagining how horror movies would look in the world of skeletons, glasses, and dogs.

“There’s something undeniably appealing to me about combining scary with fun,” he shared in a recent chat with Bored Panda. “Scary movies are a favorite subject of mine, and half the joy is doing facial expressions on the audience.”

Parisi started creating Off the Mark comics in 1987, and they are now syndicated nationally in various media outlets. He received multiple awards for his work, including four from the National Cartoonists Society for having the Best Cartoon in the Newspaper Panels category.

The artist shares his Off the Mark cartoons daily on his website and social media, meaning that you don’t have to buy newspapers to enjoy them. Continue scrolling to find out favorites.