Artist Recreated Entire McDonald’s Restaurant in Felt

British felt artist Lucy Sparrow is famed for her impressive ability to recreate anything and everything in felt. After previously recreating an entire supermarket and a deli in felt, Sparrow now decided to make a felted McDonald’s restaurant. Yes, the entire restaurant.

Sparrow’s McDonald’s officially opened its doors in December as part of Miami’s Scope Art Show. The restaurant has menus, appliances like a soda fountain and fryer, McDonald’s staple items like Big Mac and Filet-O-Fish, and everything else you would find at a usual location. The only difference is that it’s all made out of felt.

According to Sparrow, her McDonald’s isn’t a recreation of the McDonald’s you would find nowadays. Instead, she based the look of the restaurant on the classic locations that she remembers as a kid.

“This is based on my first memory of McDonald’s,” Sparrow revealed in a chat with Artnet News. “My mom took me after we went to see the movie Beauty and the Beast when I was six. I’m a bit of a mega fan.”

The felted McDonald’s will remain on display until the end of December. However, you should go check it out as soon as possible as the items are for sale the restaurant might run out of food until you get there.