Illustrator Karlo Ferdon Creates Hilarious Single-Panel Comics

You probably already saw some of the works of illustrator Karlo Ferdon without even knowing it. Ferdon creates funny comics and illustrations that have been featured in newspapers and online magazines and shared countless times on social media.

Ferdon produced a number of comic series in recent years, employing different styles and covering various subjects. However, his most popular works remain simplistic single-panel comics that have little or no dialog at all.

Mostly black and white, these comics cover a range of funny subjects, protagonists, and situations. This is why sometimes the underlining joke won’t always be obvious, but when it hits, it hits hard.

“I like how simple and direct humor is in the cartoon world,” explains Ferdon. “Humor without words is not always understood, but when you connect with the reader, it is great.

Ferdon is a graphical designer by profession. Besides making his funny comics, which he shares on his social media, the Chilean artist is also engaged in various other projects. He has published a couple of humorous books so far and is currently part of the creative team behind several magazines/fanzines, including Don Serapio Magazine and La Faena Magazine.

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