An Uninvited Stray Gets Adopted After Crashing a Wedding

Dogs attending their owners’ weddings aren’t a new thing: the tradition goes long back to the past. But have you ever seen a stray dog crashing one and getting adopted?  The executor of such plan is a canine named Braiá Caramelo de Jesus.

After sharing their vows, Bazilian couple Tamiris Muzini and Douglas Vieira Robert were greeted by a stray who sat in front of the church and patiently watched the whole wedding ceremony.

At first, the happy couple was surprised by their uninvited guest, and never imagined having one. However, they got really charmed and decided to rescue him and give him a loving home.

But after a couple of days, he was nowhere to be found, so they got in touch with their wedding organizer, who is a volunteer for an animal-protection organization and the canine was found.

Only when they got home, Muzini and Viera Robert learned that the stray lived a rough life and was scared of people. However, after many cuddles and yummy treats, the doggo was relaxed and healed from all of his past injuries.

Now Carmelo lives a happy life with his mom and dad and doggy brother. He is also a real Instagram star who has over 17.7 thousand fans.