Artist Paints Big Cow Murals to Create a Culture That Promotes Kindness

DJ Barry loves painting cows. One day while taking a ride in Vermont, he and his wife came across a beautiful Holstein cow grazing by the side of the road. They took a photo, which later became DJ Barry’s inspiration to create Cows For A Cause, a fundraiser for local nonprofits.

“50%-100% of all artwork sales were donated to charity,” it says on their personal website.

The artist named it World Cows, which he started to paint everywhere.

“Living in a time where hate and division seem to rule the world, I was inspired to create something that did the opposite. World Cow,” he shared with Bored Panda. “World Cow’s message is ‘we’re all spots on the same cow.’ We want to create a culture that promotes kindness and paying it forward.”

The duo has already painted World Cows all across the US; including the states of Vermont, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Now they are looking for suitable walls in Wisconsin, Miami, Boston, and Montreal.

Scroll down and take a look at their work below.