Artist Makes Cakes That Look Almost Too Good To Eat

JK Denim, better known as Koalipops on Instagram and Youtube, loves making cakes. is the mastermind of a guy who loves making cakes, a lot of cakes. Denim has attracted over 126 thousand followers and more than 33 million views.

“I like to make cute little cake people, do arts and crafts and create DIY costumes,” JK Denim shared on his YouTube channel. “Each week I’ll teach you how to decorate an awesome cake. My videos are 50% Vlog, 50% cake art and 100% entertaining.”

According to the cake artist, he loves to add the Vlog elements to his work because he is more interested in telling why he created something, rather than how.

“While many of my cakes are based on characters from Marvel, Disney, Horror Films, Pokémon, DC and other popular franchises I often bake and design my own original characters as well,” he added.

Scroll down and take a look at his delicious artwork below.