Artist Doesn’t Stop Making Collage Of Two Playing Cards

Elmo Hood is a 30-year-old, self-taught artist born in Southampton best known for his unique and colorful style where he combines spray paint and acrylic. The London-based Hood’s journey began back in 2015 when left a promising career in sport due to injury.

The sportsman turned street artist’s work has been published in many magazines worldwide such as Glamour, Wall Street International, Neon, Epsom Guardian, Sloane Square, and many more. He has also been exhibited in London galleries, but he began showing off his creations internationally, as well.

According to his personal website, “his meteoric success is, in part, due to a collage Elmo created out of two playing cards in 2013, which went viral overnight. It gained millions of shares and views as well as a vast celebrity following.”

You can find Hood’s work on his Instagram account where he shares his masterpieces. Currently, he has over 34.8 thousand followers.

Scroll down and take a look at his gallery below.