Digital Artist Draws Beautiful Woman Portraits

Tatiana, better known as Tati MoonS on social media, is a 21-year-old, self-taught, Spanish digital artist who creates remarkable portraits of women characters. She has been doing art since she was a little girl, however, her first digital illustration was born only in June 2016.

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“I didn’t paint much back then because digital was hard for me, I could make one drawing every two months, if so,” the artist shared on her personal website. “I kept practicing and I eventually got better.”

In late 2017 she started her own Instagram account, and her popularity started to grow, making possible for her to make a living from art.

“I sketch with a pen on a notebook whenever I have a new idea,” Tatiana added. “If I like it, then I would take my tablet and start sketching digitally. I just block my idea very roughly and start coloring and shading right after I have something visible. I do not follow any particular order to be honest, I just go with the flow if that makes any sense.”

Take a look at her artwork below.