Artist Combines Unrelated Photos to Create Bizarre Images

Stephen McMennamy likes to combine unrelated photos to create new, surreal images. A dog with a cauliflower head, a peeling-lemon car, and a surfer on top on an ice cream cone are just some of the creations this artist has to offer. A reawakened love for photography with a creative edge for the odd and the bizarre make this artist a must-follow on Instagram.

McMennamy grew up in the States and in the Philippines, so his combined experience of worlds adds on to his desire to mix settings and images. He studied art and design, finally delving into fine marketing. Marketing is known to demand a lot of out-of-the-box thinking to sell a product in a new, creative way. This part of the artist’s career has really helped him develop his specific approach.

It’s always a pleasure to see how two seemingly unrelated images are weaved together to produce something that would never come to our mind.

Scroll down to check out some of his cool work: