If a Person Falls Down and No One Is Around, Do They Make a Sound?

Italian artist Sandro Giordano does not exactly give us an answer to the epic question: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? But he does take photos of people moments into their collapse to the ground, face down, in uncomfortable positions that should never really be recorded. But it’s a photoshoot, and it’s directed, and it’s art, so it’s OK.

These images of collapses are a part of Giordano’s photography series “In Extremis (Bodies with No Regret).” The shots are choreographed with excruciating details, from the position the victim is in and their clothes (or lack thereof) to the objects they are surrounded by and the people’s reactions around them (if any).

As we oftentimes can’t see the face of the victim, their surroundings showcase their inner world and explain the root of their downfall. Griordano has said that the shots tell us a bit about worn-out characters who embrace their collapse in an attempt to save themselves. Yet, they are unable to find retribution in self-destruction, since we are all damned by the “everyday representation of living,” by the oppression of “simply existing.”

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