Artist Alexandre Chapelin Presents “CAROLINA” Series

Meet Alexandre Chapelin, an artist and the brains behind the CAROLINA series. This series is 3 artistic tables of the artistic concept LA Table created by him and Patrick Lapierre.

Since childhood, Chapelin loves to think and create human contact and friendly meals. That’s why after his various years of study in various fields and fifteen years of professional experience, he decided to make use of all these achievements to create amazing projects.

CAROLINA comes in three tables that are rich in colors and techniques as their inspiration was from stylist Carolina Ritzler.

“For an ambitious project to share its technical and logistics, we needed a trustworthy person, a person for whom the challenges are not challenges, but a passion, a person with ambition as the proverb “Move Mountains” or a routine. I present you Lapierre Patrick, Patrick himself is architect son that you’ll understand, we will be a major asset.” Chapelin told Boredpanda.