Antоn Gudim’s “Yes, But” Illustrations are Hilariously Exploring the Duality of Life

Antоn Gudim is one of the most popular illustrators on Instagram right now, and he owes it all to his viral “Yes, But” illustrations. His short comics hilariously explore the duality of life, reminding us that every situation has its good and bad sides.

Gudim is a Russian artist and illustrator who attracted almost two million followers across two Instagram accounts with his two-panel comics. He’s the master of dark humor, and his illustrations portray modern society in all of its absurdity.

Gudim enjoyed drawing from a young age, but he didn’t pursue art academically. Following graduation, he started working as an engineer, but something wasn’t clicking even after he changed a few jobs, so he decided to return to drawing.

Artists often deal with a creative block, but Gudim is yet to run into this problem. He doesn’t struggle finding inspiration for his work, and he’s seeing things he could draw on every turn.

“I am not doing anything on purpose. I am not out for a ‘safari’ with a camera on people to see them in their habitat… As soon as I started the ‘Yes, But’ project, I began to notice examples of this format literally everywhere. So I just live and take notes,” he told Bored Panda.