Alessandra Genualdo’s Portraits Reflect Her Memories and Emotions

Italian born, London based illustrator Alessandra Genualdo is known for her women portraits, painted in subdued colors that are in direct opposition to their daring stance and piercing gaze.

“The female figure is a big source of inspiration,” relayed Genualdo in an interview with Creative Boom. But she’s also very much inspired by her own personal experiences. “My illustrations and paintings reflect my personal life and emotions, and the way the characters evolve reflect the way my perception of myself evolves through time,” she went on to explain.

As such her illustrations, though personal, touch on universal subjects that most people (and especially women) might relate to. “With my fine art pieces, I mostly rely on my imagination, although many of the works I produce have been influenced by what surrounds me, my memories, women I have met, so can be considered a metaphorical reinterpretation of reality,” says Genualdo.

Using simple shapes and a limited color palette, her artworks also include decorative motifs like flowers and leaves – a representation of the natural world, which Genualdo feels connected to. The overall effect is inviting, if a bit uneasy.

Take a look for yourself: