Sanny van Loon’s Illustrations Lift Our Spirits

Amsterdam based illustrator, Sanny van Loon, is known for her cheerful style of illustration. Colorful and with an added texture that makes for a handmade feel, her inspiration includes anything from vintage books, packaging, and flea markets to nature, museums, and Pinterest.

Each of her pieces begins with some pencil sketches, upon which she later adds gouache, watercolor, or ink. “Usually I start painting right away but sometimes I have no idea where to start,” she relayed her creative process in an interview with Ballpit Magazine. “Then I collect some inspirational images and make some sketches with pencil first.”

Her color schemes tend to be thought of in advance, which makes sense judging by the coherent nature of her overall body of work. “I like to make color schemes in advance to decide what feel the illustration will get,” she explains, adding that “in the end, I never really stick to it and just improvise.” After the coloring comes her favorite part: adding details upon details.

“I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember so it’s hard for me to imagine my life without it,” admits van Loon. “I think being an artist really makes you look at the world differently. For example, when I’m traveling I see so many details, color combinations, textures and stories that it almost drives me crazy: I just HAVE to pick up my pencil and draw!”

Her Instagram page might just get you inspired to pick up your pencil and begin drawing yourself!