Aleksandar Dumic’s Digital Art Cuts to the Chase

Aleksandar Dumic wants his art to leave a mark on the world, by evoking feelings. Originally an illustrator, with a background in fine arts, he developed his career further by studying animation.

“I’ve finished bachelor studies in Graphic Design at S.P. University, then I enrolled and finished master studies in Animation at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade,” said the Bosnian creative in an interview with Ballpit Magazine.

Now he shares his art on his Instagram page where you can follow his progress. Focused mainly on digital art, his art is minimal and relies on shapes and contrasts; and his videos loop endlessly, making for a hypnotic affect. In other words: he cuts to the chase.

“Digital art was created as a necessity of modern society,” he says. “Over time I’ve adapted to the new medium such as Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.” But though his art is made with the aid of the computer, he also enjoys drawing by hand, especially with graphite.

Take a look at some of his work in the gallery below: