Adnan Lotia’s Music Covers Look Like They’ve Been Built With LEGO Bricks

We all loved playing with LEGO when we were kids, but Adnan Lotia never truly gave it up. This creative artist is using the power of modern technology to create digital versions of his favorite music album covers that look like they’ve been built with LEGO bricks.

On his Instagram page, Lotia claims he makes music with LEGO, but this is only partially true. After realizing he doesn’t have enough pieces in his collection to accomplish what he wanted, he started using the digital building software BrickLink Studio to render LEGO elements in any color.

“I picked up digital construction using BrickLink Studio along the way, and absolutely love how much freedom, flexibility, and speed it provides to LEGO artists. I hope that designers continue to explore the capabilities of this fantastic (and free!) resource in the future,” Lotia told Loudwire.

He initially made LEGO models based on movies and TV shows before deciding to explore his love for music this way. He used to play grunge in a high school band during his teenage years, but his taste significantly changed over time and he’s a fan of many different genres.

His LEGO music covers reflect that, and we’ve seen him pay homage to everyone from iconic rock bands such as Pink Floyd and Radiohead to modern artists including Beyonce and The Weeknd.