Artist Gives Modern Logos a Retro Makeover

Is it us, or do the companies change their logos all the time? Despite being recognizable worldwide, big businesses are always trying to reinvent their visual identity and take it a notch further.

Of course, this is understandable to a certain degree. With each passing decade, the visually appealing standards change. While businesses (and consumers) preferred over-the-top logos in the past, they have gravitated to clean and simple designs in recent years.

Inspired by this constant change, Portuguese artist Rafael Serra decided to turn back the clock on some modern logos and give them a retro makeover. He gives logos of Nike, Ikea, Google, and other famous companies a vibe of the ‘80s and ‘90s, using bold lettering and the vibrant style of the era.

“I was a child from the ’80s, I grew up seeing retro things,” explains Serra.

Serra has been working on this intriguing series for the past three years, showcasing his creativity by presenting various versions of the same logo. His works earned him a significant following on social media but also helped him get in touch with various brands that were impressed with his work.

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