Add a Nordic Edge to Your Closet With Louise Körner

The past decade has seen us slowly but surely gravitating towards minimalism. Minimalist trends include Nordic design. Characterized by functionality and minimalism, Nordic clothing has an effortlessly cool edge to it.

Most recently, we’ve taken note of Swedish fashion and print designer Louise Körner. Currently based in London, Körner’s designs include anything from sportswear to costume design to bridal dresses.

An award-winning designer, Körner has won The PREMIUM YOUNG DESIGNER AWARD in Womenswear for exceptional designs as well as the SWEDISH FASHION TALENT of THE YEAR Award by The Swedish Fashion Council during Stockholm Fashion Week 2016. Her clothes were also featured in top-tier fashion magazines like Swedish ELLE and VOGUE Italia.

“Our target customer is a fashion-conscious female with high disposable income, aged 19-55 years,” she reflected in an interview with Fashion Angel.

“Works within the fashion, finance, media and the arts, socializes and travels regularly therefore demanding a constant need to renew her wardrobe. She would also ideally like comfort and individuality.”

A mix of high-quality solid fabrics with elegant details, Körner’s clothes can be spotted in music videos, fashion films, and on celebrities and fashion bloggers, and for good reason! If you’re a fan of practical minimalism, you’d want to check her out.