Fluffy Kitten Goes Viral After Refusing to Snuggle With its Owner

Cats are part of our family, but most of us also view them as fluffy cuddling machines that we can snuggle with at any given moment. Surprisingly, however, that is not always the option. 

You probably noticed that sometimes your cat isn’t in the mood for cuddling and doesn’t want to be bothered. Some felines prefer to notify their humans about it by hissing or scratching. However, Muji, a four-year-old fluffy kitten from South Korea, prefers to make it clear by putting an uninterested look on her face.

Muji grabbed the attention of internet users when her owner shared a series of photos that show him trying to snuggle with the feline. He approached the cat while she was sitting on a counter and tried to snuggle. However, Muji showed no interest in physical attention and just walked away.

It turns out that this isn’t a one-time thing. When Muji is not feeling it, she immediately shows it to her owner.

Muji also keeps the same attitude when it comes to others. For example, when her sibling Makji tries to get her to do something mischievous, she just ignores her.

But, this doesn’t mean that Muji doesn’t like cuddles at all. When she feels like it, Muji can be the sweetest cat there is. Check out those moments below.