16-Year-Old Starts Successful Clothing Line

When Nam Ho was 16 years old, he decided to follow his dream, to start his own clothing company. During that time, he had received an internship at a tech company in his hometown of San Jose, but he knew that it wasn’t his calling. He spent half a year working at the company, but the rest of the summer he was focusing on launching his clothing brand, which he named Oh Man! Clothing.

“I spent the rest of my summer in my cubicle researching how to start a clothing company, learning different embellishment techniques, and reading up on the differences between various fabrics,” he said in an interview for VoyageLa. “One year later, I took the money that I saved up from my internship and launched my brand, Oh Man! Clothing.”

He describes his outfits as a “spiritual lifestyle/streetwear brand dedicated to awakening each other through peace and good energy.” They set a goal to make clothing pieces that will last a lifetime in your wardrobe. These timeless clothing items and Ho’s dreams have been going strong for more than a decade, more precisely 12 years.

To see the clothing items, check out the gallery below, or follow his brand on Instagram.