Xiao Yao Saaf is Using Her Crocheting Skills to Celebrate Nature

Instagram is home to more crochet artists than we can count, but there’s something that sets Xiao Yao Saaf apart. Instead of crocheting scarves and sweaters, she decided to use her skills to celebrate nature through her masterful crocheted flowers.

Xiao Yao Saaf is the mastermind behind the Instagram page @xiaoyao_ya, and she specializes in handmade micro-crochet. She describes herself as someone who likes small and beautiful things, and that’s part of the reason why her approach to crocheting is so unique.

Flowers are her most common subject, and she uses white thin yarn – usually French DMC crochet yarn – to bring them to life, before dying them by hand. This is her favorite part of the whole ordeal because it feels like watching a flower grow and bloom in your hand.

You’ll learn a lot about flowers through Saaf’s Instagram posts since she always makes sure to list their names, along with the tools she used in their making. We’ve also seen her share some of her patterns, and you can give them a shot if you’re a crocheting enthusiast trying to recreate her work.

Saaf’s crochet isn’t only inspired by flowers, but nature in general, and we’ve seen her crochet everything from butterflies to pine cones and acorns over the years.