Woman Creates Unique, Custom Made, Dolls for Children

Meet Amy Jandrisevits, an avid doll collector and doll maker. After working for years as a pediatric oncology social worker, she now combines her love for dolls with her passion for social work.

Her creative journey began after she realized there was a lack of diversity in dolls. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

It is her heartfelt belief that dolls should look like their owners and so, be available in all colors, genders, and body types. We do kids such a disservice when we don’t offer them a wide variety of toys. In an ideal world, differences in body type, skin color, birthmarks, and more would be accepted and celebrated.

Jandrisevits creates dolls that correspond to her customers’ facial structure. She believes that dolls are therapeutic for kids and that it is important for dolls to looks a lot more like their playmates.

Check out her work.