Valesca van Waveren’s Art Promotes Kindness Towards Nature

Scrolling through Valesca van Waveren’s portfolio, some obvious themes are constant throughout her work, mainly: flora, and fauna. Based in Amsterdam, she works as an illustrator and surface pattern designer full time, but is also an avid ceramist and maintains a Prints and Ceramics Shop.

But whatever she does, she makes sure her work is informed by her love of nature. “It is important for me to surround myself with flowers and plants,” she once told the Flow blog, explaining that being surrounded by plants makes you kinder to yourself, your home, and to nature.

“And it doesn’t have to be an expensive treat either,” she stresses, adding that “you can often buy just two or three tall, elegant blooms or even pick yourself a wild bouquet from the roadside. You can also adopt unwanted plants that people have left out on the street, or get them through an online marketplace. And how about taking cuttings from the plants you already own – have you ever tried that?”

But even if you don’t adopt unwanted plants, you can still admire her work via Instagram, which helps to promote kindness towards nature just as well. Take a look at some highlights from her feed: