Naomi Bulger Will Reintroduce Snail Mail into Your Life

Naomi Bulger’s Instagram bio reads: “on a mission to lead a life that is slow, creative & personal.” And at least judging by her Instagram page, Bulger puts her money where her mouth is. Carving herself a path to a life carried out with deliberation and a sense of creative freedom means slowing down the pace and taking note of her surroundings. One such way to do so is by writing letters, the old fashioned way.

“Writing a letter feels completely different to writing an email,” shared Bulger the writer and illustrator in an interview with Flow Magazine. “It forces you to slow down and be more mindful of what you are saying.”

Snail mail is also where two of her greatest joys converge: writing and painting. “I like to paint illustrations and incorporate the addresses into the designs to make each envelope bright, cheerful and something unique that will make the recipient—and hopefully also the mailman—happy.”

As part of the #100DaysinDinan project, Bulger illustrated personalized envelopes. “I’m making the envelopes for each card by tracing one of the original envelopes the cards came in, onto used calendars and magazine pages,” she writes on her website. “A stamp or two, and the address: there’s not much room for anything else, so into the post they go.”

Her Instagram page is full of nuggets of inspiration like so:

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