Tracey Meek’s Tiny Ceramic People Are Quite Delightful

Much like her lifestyle, Tracey Meek’s artistic style is very fluid and forever evolving: from 2D visual art forms such as watercolor and collages to ceramic and further sculpture. But it’s her little ceramic people which caught our attention. Those take many shapes and forms, varying from miniature sculptures to bowls and wine corks.

Based in Derby, England, Meek has exhibited her work around the UK. Though her art is varied it features recurring themes, and Meek admits to being interested in layered forms, be it human behavior; what hides beneath the forefront of a person, or the detailed natural observations in geology and ecology such as eukaryotic organisms, mineral forms, and marine invertebrates. 

“My work has evolved naturally over time,” she told Inky Goodness. “I guess it ‘officially’ began when my daughter went to school. I’d spend my free time in cafes, drawing people and picking up the buzz of comings and goings. Then a group of friends started an art collective.”

According to her, “It was never a serious thing, just a bunch of creative nuts throwing ideas about and drinking red wine. Somehow we managed to get hold of this lovely, crumbling four-story building and spent a good few months in it, larking about and just being free and creative. It was a beautiful time. We opened it to the public and had exhibitions, film nights, and performance art. And that was that. I decided I’m never going to be a 9-5 person. If I’m honest, I decided that when I was about 18. But now it’s no longer about maintaining a hedonistic lifestyle!”

A creative spirit at heart, Meek is often learning from trial and error. “At any given time, its’ really about continually bettering myself as an artist, and as a person,” she says. “Some people learn academically, others through social activity and experience. I’m definitely the latter.”

See some of her ceramic work in the gallery below: