This Woman Learned How to Bake Incredibly Intricate Pies During Lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown has completely changed our lives, but it also gave us the opportunity and time to discover new hobbies and get in touch with our creative side. Devoney Scarfe from Auckland, New Zealand used this lockdown to become a food artist.

Scarfe is a mother of two boys and a part-time graphic designer, and like most of us, she felt very bored when we first went into lockdown in March. Luckily, the talented woman found an awesome way to deal with boredom and anxiety—she mastered the art of baking.

For Scarfe, this was a natural turn of events because she loves creating and making things, and she also needed to feed her family while they’re all at home. That’s how she got into baking pies. Now her masterpieces look so awesome and incredibly detailed that it’s pretty hard to believe she’s been doing this for only a few months.

“My pies are mostly inspired by my family, my moods, and internet culture. They are a mix of social commentary and sweet delights,” Scarfe told Bored Panda.

Take a look at Scarfe’s creations below and follow her for to see more photos and get recipes.