Champy the Horse And Morris the Cat are Best Friends

Jennifer Boyle from Australia is a proud owner of two cats and four horses, and even though the animals all love each other and live in peace, the friendship between two of them is something truly special. Jennifer’s cat Morris and one of her horses called Champy are best friends in the world, and they’ve been inseparable for seven years now.

Morris was rescued from a shelter when he was 9-months-old and as soon as Jennifer brought him home, Champy the horse fell in love with this lovely furball.

“Champy insisted on becoming his best buddy. Morris jumped up on his back and he happily took him for rides around the paddock. Now it’s become their morning ritual,” Jennifer wrote for Bored Panda.

As a cat who’d lived in a shelter for months, Morris was a bit distrustful and shy at first and it took him some time to get to know Champy. But only a week later these two bonded and became inseparable. Now Morris goes out first thing in the morning to see his friend—first they snuggle for a while and the cat jumps on Chumpy who takes him for a ride.

Check out this lovely duo in the photos below.