This Video Is a Reminder That Life Is Short and Precious

Art is a great form of expression and can be used to drill down a powerful message. One artist decided to portray a person’s growth down to the very end, sharing it to the social media platform Tik Tok.

The artist, identified only as sketch_lines on Tik Tok, created a mind-blowing video about life. The video starts off showing how a fetus is formed. While watching, you can see the formation of the baby until it is born. From there, you see a newborn develop into a toddler and grow to adolescence. The growth continues until she becomes an adult and then an elderly person.

The last drawings show how she ages and finally dies. It goes on to show the rotting of the body down to the skull. It is scary and yet a great reminder that life is short and precious.

Watch the amazing video below.